frequently asked questions

• How is this different from traditional installations?
• Where are your products made?
• Do you need any special tools to cut the tiles?
• Do I need to grout magnetic porcelain?
• What are the advantages of not grouting?
• What if I grow tired of the look?
• This is too good to be true. Why hasn't anyone done it before?
• Can you ship to me?
• Where can I install magnetic porcelain?
• Who are you, who are so wise in the ways of science?
We are engineers and designers with a passion for simplicity and functionality. Learn more about us, or contact us to chat. We don't bite... hard.
• Can this be used for walls?
Yes! Imagine changing that backsplash on a whim! Installation is as simple as can be with our Wall Installation System.
• Where can I purchase your products?
Please visit our online store here, or call 1-888-848-TILE to speak with a sales representative.
• What do I do in the rare case a tile breaks?
• Does this work for commercial applications?
• How flat does my subfloor need to be?
• I am going green. How does your system compare to others in an environmental sense?
• Do you offer trade discounts for designers, contractors, architects, or other industry professionals?
Please contact one of our account representatives at 1-888-848-TILE for more details.
• How much does it cost?
Prices are listed on our online store. You can browse our collection here.
• Will my dog scratch up my tiles?
• Can the tiles accidentally shift?
• How does porcelain differ from other materials?
• Will the magnetic waves disturb my electronics?