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Are magnetic tiles waterproof without grout?

Magnetic tiles provide just as much water protection as regular tiles. The benefit of magnetic tiles is that the underlay gives an added layer of protection for the subfloor.

Kitchens and Bathrooms
For water-prone areas, we do recommend applying silicone grout between tiles which will make your floor significantly more water-resistant than traditional tiles. 

It’s easy to create a 100% waterproof space using the magnetic system in your shower. On the walls, the magnetic tiles attach to a thick impenetrable Composite Steel Panel™. On the floor, we provide a custom waterproof porcelain shower base. Between tiles, we recommend applying silicone grout for a fully watertight seal. 

Where are your products made?

We source all our products mindfully from suppliers we know and trust. All our porcelain is made in Italy. Our magnets, composite steel panel and rubberized steel membrane are made in USA. Our magnetic tiles are assembled and packaged in Canada.

What if I want to change to a different style after a few years?

That’s the beauty of magnetic tiles. You can easily pop them out and install new ones in their place. You can even reuse the old tiles in another room.

What do I do in case a tile breaks?

No need to hire a professional. Just lift the broken tile out with a suction lifter and pop a new one in. It’s that simple.

How sustainable are your products?

We’re happy you asked. Our magnetic tiles were a response to the massive waste we witnessed in the construction business. Here are 3 ways our magnetic tiles are more sustainable:

1. Our magnetic tiles were made to provide a longer life cycle, significantly reducing the time between each renovation.

2. We reduce material waste by giving you the flexibility to remove one broken tile at a time or reuse tiles in another space rather than buying a new set.

3. We eliminated the need for wasteful and harmful materials like mortar and grout, which create risks of silica exposure.

4. We source our products with intentionality. Our porcelain is all natural and made with a minimum of 40% recycled material. Our magnets are made of 75% recycled material.

Doesn’t the magnet lose strength after a while?

Not in any practical sense. We have a lifetime warranty against de-magnetization.

Can the tiles accidentally shift?

A properly installed tile is engineered so that it cannot unintentionally shift. There is up to 5,000 lbs of force holding that tile in place. The floor tiles have approximately 65 lbs/sqft holding force while the wall tiles have approximately 140 lbs/sqft holding force.

How does porcelain differ from other materials?

Porcelain is a workhorse. It resists fire, flood, frost, mould, and virtually all daily use and abuse. It mimics other natural materials in beauty, without all the inherent weaknesses. It never needs to be sealed, and is environmentally friendly. Porcelain outlasts.

Will the magnetic waves disturb my electronics?

Not in the least. The magnetic field is contained between the tile and the magnetically receptive subfloor or wall panel.

Can I use your products for commercial applications?

Absolutely. All our products are rated for commercial use. The magnetic tile is ideal for retail spaces with high foot traffic and where turnaround time for installation and repairs is critical. The flexibility to re-design makes it ideal for spaces that need to modernize their look frequently.

How do I install magnetic tiles?

Take a look at our installation instructions here.

How flat does my subfloor need to be?

As flat as it would be if you were tiling with non-magnetic porcelain, which is a flatness tolerance of 1/8” per 10 ft (peak to valley), 1/16” per 2 ft (peak to valley) and 1/32” per 1 foot (peak to valley).

Do I need a special tool to cut the magnetic tiles?

No. A standard tile saw or a score-and-snap tool will do. If you opt for score-and-snap, you can use a utility knife to easily slice through the magnet.

Where can I install Kablan tiles?

Our magnetic tiles can be installed on floors and walls indoors only. Our non-magnetic tiles are rated for both indoor and outdoor use.

Can magnetic tiles be installed on a ceiling?

Please do not install magnetic tiles on the ceiling. We may advise otherwise in the future.

Can I use in-floor heating?

Yes! All of our magnetic porcelain tiles are 100% compatible with both electric and hydronic in-floor radiant heating.

Do I need grout when installing magnetic tiles?

No. The tiles are cut so accurately (rectified within 200 microns) they can be installed tightly with no need for unsightly grout lines. You should apply silicone grout in areas that are subject to heavy contamination, such as commercial kitchens or bathrooms.

Why is installing magnetic tiles easier than traditional tiles?

Unlike traditional tiles, magnetic tiles don't require messy, wet materials like thinset or grout, which are complicated and cumbersome to work with. With magnetic tiles, you can work at your own pace, rearranging and fixing mistakes as you go. You don't have to rush to work around the thinset clock or deal with cure times. Once they're installed, they're good to go. It's so easy, you don't need a skilled tiler.

Can I install magnetic tile over my existing floor tiles?

We don't recommend it. Even if we apply self-levelling concrete over your tiles, they can shift overtime, causing unevenness.

Who should I hire to install magnetic tiles?

Installation is so simple, you don't need a skilled tiler. A general contractor will do. Depending on the location and scope, you can also hire the Kablan team for the job.

Where do you ship to?

We primarily serve Canadian and US customers, but we can also ship worldwide.

Do you offer trade discounts?

Yes. Please contact one of our account representatives at 1-888-848-8453 for more details.

Why do magnetic tiles cost more?

The added cost comes from the additional Composite Steel Panel™ and Rubberized Steel Membrane™ that makes installation so much easier. But the additional cost of materials is typically offset by the cheaper installation costs.

Where can I see your products in person?

You can book a visit at our showroom in the Toronto International Design Centre by calling 1-888-848-8453. If you’re not in the area, feel free to contact us to order samples or find other showrooms in Canada that carry our products.