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Get it just right. It’s easy.

How it works

Floor installWall install

01. Ensure subfloor is flat

We’re happy to help with levelling or on site training.

02. Attach Rubberized Steel Membrane™

Peel off the wrapper and stick the rubberized steel membrane to the subfloor.

Applying Rubberized Steel Membrane to floor

03. Apply pressure

To promote a strong adhesive bond and help remove air bubbles, apply pressure with a rubber or steel roller.

04. Cut to size if needed

Simply use a standard tile saw or score-and-snap method just like a traditional tile.

05. Lay tiles

The tiles are delivered with the magnets already secured. Lay them down and they click right into place. To rearrange, simply pop them out and place them in the preferred area. 

Download detailed installation instructions

Download PDF